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Upholstery maintenance is not easy to undertake because surfaces that have been upholstered can absorb liquids, oil and particles easily. When upholstery is not done by professionals for your carpet, it can easily look dull. Our company offers the best upholstery services. Our company has a wide range of machines that can clean rugs and you can select one of your choice. The machine you choose depends on carpet type, how difficult and portable your carpet is.

We use latest cleaning technology, construction of high grade, performance that is a guarantee and very safe for our users. We can maintain a wide range of carpets and upholstery. We perform extensive cleaning on surfaces and remove all matter traces and our machines gives almost new and good upholstery.

Heated Upholstery

These have a high level cleaning power that maintains upholstery and carpeting. Hot moisture has a lot of power; therefore the machines for upholstery cleaning are very effective to soften dirt that has built up than non-heated machines. Our company will provide you with these heated machines and meet all your upholstery cleaning needs. These carpet cleaning systems that are heated will have different settings of temperature. Our company can provide moderate temperatures for your vehicle interior and also very hot temperatures for industry applications. You should use the appropriate heat for your carpet because when the heat is in excess, it will shrink your natural fibers like wool or make it dull. In our company, we will save you this problem because our cleaning equipment’s have settings that can be adjusted. We set appropriate settings for each fabric and protect it from being destroyed by high amounts of heat. We also use a short period of time to dry your upholstery between one to two hours.

Non-heated Upholstery

These cleaning equipment’s use cold water for cleaning and are very good for upholstery maintenance that is done on a routine basis. These are cleaning machines that can handle most cleaning jobs in upholstery that don’t require heat. These non-heated machines are recommended for materials that are very delicate and natural and can be destroyed by heat.

Advantages of Non-Heated Upholstery

They don’t require a lot of power because water is not heated. These machines will also be light to move around than the heated machines that contain heating components making them bulky and heavy to carry.

When the low versions are used, drying of the surfaces that have been upholstered is faster after cleaning.

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