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Most offices have carpets and it’s very important to clean them regularly. Carpets absorb a lot of dirt, oil, grease and dust particles which can be very unhygienic. Offices that have high inflow of people should be clean after three months. The number of people who come to your office and how often they come should help you determine how many times your carpet is cleaned. Our company will offer you with the best office carpet cleaning to make it attractive for your clients.

Advantages of Office Carpet Cleaning

Office carpet is very expensive to replace and that’s why it should be properly maintained. Have your office carpet cleaned regularly and this will save you money. Our company will offer a service that suits your carpet type. We also offer dry cleaning services for expensive rugs and office carpets, while carpets that are traditional are deep cleaned with steam.

Our cleaning company will move your office furniture’s before cleaning; will provide services that are safe from allergy and treatments that are resistant to stain. The amount of time that will be spend cleaning your office carpet will depend on how the carpet has stayed without being cleaned. If your carpet had been cleaned recently, it will take a short time to clean it.

Tips on How to keep your Office Carpet in a good Condition for a number of years

It is recommended to use a chair mat especially if you have a rolling chair. Rolling chairs wear out a carpet very quickly as they keep rotating. The carpet will develop wear marks that are permanent that cannot come out even after deep cleaning.

Office printer cartridges should be handled with a lot of care because they from very stubborn stains once they spill on carpets.

Office carpet should be vacuumed often to remove soil particles or any debris that might stick on the carpet if left over a long time. Soil and dirt cause wear and tear to your carpet.

The tower of a computer should not be kept on the carpet , it is not good for the carpet and the computer because a computer fan will draw air from the carpet and make it difficult to cool effectively.

Office Carpet affects employees

Dirty carpets can make employees sick due to allergic reactions. Sick employees will take sick leaves to go to hospital and this affects a company’s production and staff can also be demoralized.

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