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Leather is feather-like, very delicate and beautiful. A lot of care should be observed when cleaning leather or moving furniture’s. To maintain leather, it should be cleaned by experts who have cotton gloves.

Our company offers professional leather cleaning services to protect your leather and keep it in a good condition. We will clean with kits that best suit your type of leather. Since leather is costly and delicate, its furnishings are protected through a special procedure and unique products to protect it from being damaged in the cleaning process.

Home Procedures for Cleaning Leather

The necessary materials should be put together and these include; soap, soft clean rags, olive oil and clean water. Before you start cleaning, it’s advisable to test the method and the products that you plan to use for the cleaning. Dip a piece of cloth in soapy water and rub the surface with a stain then wipe again with a slightly damp piece of cloth. Leather does not repel water and should not be cleaned with a lot of water or very wet pieces of clothes.

A dry piece of cloth should be used to dry the water completely from the leather after you have rinsed it. Olive oil must be used to condition leather after the cleaning process. Soap will dry some of leather’s natural oils and that’s why olive oil is used to restore some of these oils to the leather.

Leather Cleaning Tips for specific situations

When mildew or water has damaged your leather, you may rub the stain with a mixture of water and alcohol till the stain disappears then air dry the leather.

Hair spray can be used to remove ballpoint from leather. Hair spray is sprinkled on the stain, left for a while then cleaned with a dry piece of cloth.

Baby powder can be used to remove grease from leather items. The spot affected by grease is poured powder, the grease absorbs the powder then wipe or brush it away.

When a leather item has become too wet and no stains, it is recommended to have it dry naturally in the air then it can be reconditioned with oil once it dries.

Professional Leather Cleaning Services

Professional leather cleaning services use will use advanced techniques and cleaning products that are specialized to clean leather items with good results and proper finish guarantee. Professional services will enhance final leather furnishings and finishing’s and extend its life. These are services worth investing in.

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