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Commercial cleaning is mostly done for large companies. Businesses should look professional to advertise and attract more customers. A clean environment is part of the professionalism that every business should possess. We have advanced techniques to handle company carpets that experience a lot of traffic; this means that these carpets are more soiled and require an extensive commercial cleaning.

Our company conducts an inspection to find out the most critical areas that need intense cleaning. Commercial cleaning should be done as a routine for effective results. Our commercial cleaning has three treatments: daily treatment, intermittent and preventive treatment.

Daily Treatment

This involves vacuuming floors daily and removing all stains. Daily treatment ensures that your carpet is clean up to 80% and will grant your carpet a long life. It is recommended for offices that have high inflow of people, because they bring a lot of debris and dust as they walk in and out of your office.

Preventive Treatment

We have preventive treatment to prevent your carpet from being soiled with a lot of dirt. We can prevent debris from reaching your office or being seen on your floor. We provide attractive mats for all your entrances and also a color that can mask your floors.

Intermittent treatment

This is an advanced commercial cleaning that we do on carpets that are soiled. We usually do it two times a year or once a month for busy offices. This process uses advanced techniques that involve use of deodorants to stop future stains.

Our company is certified and a very authentic cleaning company for all your cleaning services. We follow rules and regulations that have seen set for all cleaning agencies. It very important to ensure that the company you hire is certified for safety purposes of your property and

Our company cleans offices with an extractor machine that can reach for all small hidden particles dirt. This technique has a jet of solution that is sprayed on the carpet to soak the dirt. We also have a modern machine that has a vacuum which sucks the dirt and the solution from the carpet. The other type of cleaning we offer is the steam cleaning with a heater that is inbuilt that helps to heat water. The heated water produces steam on the carpet; this steam causes dirt to come on the surface. A vacuum cleaner is then used to vacuum this dirt.

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